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Push-Up Board™

Push-Up Board™

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Introducing the 14 in 1 Push-Up Board – the ultimate upper body sculpting tool!

This Product comes with the following features:

Versatile Color-Coded System: Target different muscle groups with 14 color-coded positions.

Total Body Workout: Perform various exercises for a complete upper body workout.

Compact and Portable: Lightweight design for workouts anywhere, anytime.

Durable Construction: Made from high-quality materials for long-lasting performance.

Non-Slip Surface: Stay stable and secure during workouts with a textured grip.

Comprehensive Workout Guide: Includes expert tips and exercises for maximizing results.

Elevate your upper body workout with the 14 in 1 Push-Up Board. Achieve your fitness goals and say hello to a stronger, fitter you!

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